Last Day of School – Make a Memory Today!

For some students, they are counting down the days until school is out for the summer.  They are dreaming about the chlorine smell of the local pools, the long nights and late mornings and the endless fun with their friends at the beach or lakeside.  But for some school-age students, June 30 is not the last day of school, but it can be the beginning of making new memories of summer in a fun way!

Just because children are out of school for 2 months of summer fun, does not mean that the parents can take a break and spend the time joining in on the fun.  Parents may have to work and that means that children still need to be looked after.  

While children will still be going to the Out of School Care, Summer Day Camps, going to bed early and getting up early, you can do something to make June 30th, a memory they will never forget.  The following is a list of things to do to make sure they will always look forward to the last day of school:

  • Plan an End-of-the-Year Water War.  Have plenty of water balloons, squirt guns and towels and only do this if it is a hot day!
  • Make a “Count Down to Summer Plan” start on June 20th and have 10 days of special activities that reflect on what you can do in the summer.
  • Go to the dollar store and make special baskets for the children. Include the following: sunscreen for a beach day, a microwavable Popcorn bag for movie days, and Bubbles because everyone loves to blow bubbles.

Now not only can the children have a great memory over the last day of school, so can the teachers with our Out of School App with the new Dynamic list Check-in/Drop-in list for paid and registered students and the Dynamic list for Check-in/Drop-in list for unpaid and unregistered students.  Your teachers will love it.

If you would love to make a Teachers day, then try our 30-day Free Trial our revolutionary childcare software.  Visit our website at childcare software or email or call 778 552 7133. 

Make a Memory Today!

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