Spring Forward – Fall Back

Whether you spring forward and loose an hour’s sleep, or you fall back and gain an hour’s sleep, daylight savings time is no fun for anyone, especially the children who thrive on routines. 

Here is some information you can share with your clients and parents to minimize the impact daylight saving’s time have on the children:

  1. Start transitioning early and do it in baby steps.  About a week before the big day, try putting them to bed 10-15 minutes earlier, do this for a few days, then back step again and put them to bed 30 mins earlier and do this until you reach 1 hour earlier.  
  1. Maintain your nap time schedules. 
  1. Adjust for early risers.  If the child wakes up early, encourage your child to stay in bed and do a quiet activity. 
  1. Protect their sleep time.  Ask family and friends, not to call at a certain time, limit noise, and set up a sleep time routine, such as wash your face and hands, brush your teeth, and read a book and it is bedtime! 

Just remember, we go through this shift twice a year and twice a year we adjust, so remind yourself that it’s just another season.

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