Happy Victoria Day – More than Just a Long Weekend!

Come May 24th, Canadians celebrate with backyard barbecues, parades, fireworks, and camping by a sparkling lake, a prelude into the coming summer months, but what is May 24th and why do we celebrate it?  Victoria Day, or what is commonly known as May Day is a federal Canadian public holiday.  It is celebrated on the last Monday of May preceding May 25th.  We originally celebrate this day in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday.  Queen Victoria was our sovereign ruler for 63 years, 7 months and 2 days.  In 1845 this weekend was declared a Canadian holiday and when Queen Victoria died in 1901, our Canadian government decided that this holiday was to be officially named Victoria Day.  Many of our Canadian children do not know the history behind this day but armed with this information and a few arts and crafts projects, we can let the future generations know of the years of service the Queen had given to her subjects.  The following are a few projects to help tell the story of Victoria Day:

  • Fireworks rings: Make these rings with glitter pipe cleaners.
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  • Make Paper Crowns using toilet paper rolls and washi tape.
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  • Make cute sparklers using plastic straws and strips of cellophane wrappings.
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Make this long weekend more than just an extra day off from work and school, let’s make it informative and fun!

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