5 Things to Look for in your Management Software

Have you ever purchased a product, brought it home, tried it out and realized that it was too hard to use, and it will never do what you expected it to do?  Too many times we are bombarded with advertisements for business software that will increase our business, save us time and money and be the next best thing to sliced bread, but how do you know if the software program is right for you and your business?  EsiKidz.com childcare software has done the research for you; we have compiled a shortlist of things you must look for in your next purchase of Childcare Management Software.

  1. Will the program truly make your life easier?  Will you become frustrated when you try to use it?  Does the software company offer enough training on the program to make you feel like you could navigate the system on your own?  Is there a support system with the software that will answer your questions in real time and not make you wait for 3 days before they get back to you?  Will it be time consuming to enter in your data to the system?  Will your staff be able to quickly learn the system and use it?  These are all good questions you should be asking yourself before you purchase any software system.  Esikidz childcare software will truly make your life easier.  We offer a 30-day free trial and in those 30 days we will train you and your staff on how to best use the system.  We will input your data for you and if your staff need extra assistance in using the software, we will visit your office and train your staff on site. It could not be any easier to use.
  1. Do you need to purchase additional equipment to use the software?  Often, companies will sell you the software at a discounted rate but will charge you additional fees for the accompanying equipment.  When you use EsiKidz, you are using a secure cloud-based system that does not require any additional equipment other than the tablets for the classrooms.
  1. Does the software cover every aspect of managing a childcare center?  Does the software have different app’s according to the different roles and operations?  Esikidz have apps for the Manager/Administrators, an app for teachers and an app for the parents.  They cover such features as Automatic Tuition calculations according to our government regulations, Enrollment and Waiting List Management, Classroom Management, Reports, Reminders, Out of School Management, Document storage, Media, Parent Portal, Online Payment, and Critical Supply Management.  Esikidz covers every aspect of the successful operations of your business.
  1. Are you locked into a contract for 1 year, 3 years or longer when you purchase your software?  With EsiKidz, we have no contracts to sign, no fine print to read; you are on a month-to-month subscription and if you want to cancel your subscription, just give us 30 days’ notice.  
  1. Do you know how secure your software program is?  If you are like most childcare centres, your computers store very sensitive data that is easily susceptible to viruses, malware, and hackers.  By using the Esikidz web-based application, you are using the most secure system available today, the Amazon Web Service.  This service is used by giant corporations, governments, and services alike.

If you would like a demonstration of our Childcare Management Software, please visit our website at www.esikidz.com childcare software or email us adele.fussi@esihome-tech.com or call 778-552-7133 and we would be pleased to schedule an online video presentation.  

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