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Happy B.C. Day! What to do with an extra day off from work?

After spending the last 18 months locked up in your home or apartment due to the rampant spread of the Covid-19 virus, you have learned many new skills, such as how to order groceries online, work from home, greet someone from 6 feet away and use such social media devices as Facetime and Google Meet for family and friend’s interactions.  While these new skills have helped us to cope while fighting the pandemic, we still have the desire to get back to a new normal.  

BC Day is just around the corner and if you are double vaccinated, you can feel safe in exploring Mother Nature and all her glory.  While the borders might be closed, our local attractions are calling out to be visited by children and parents alike.  We at have compiled a shortlist of places to go and things to see.

  1. Pacific Spirit Regional Park.  If you live in Vancouver, this is one place you will have to visit in your lifetime.  With forests, creeks, beaches, cliffs and bogs, this park has an abundant number of plants and wildlife to explore.
  1. Whale watching. From March to October, whales will migrate through our open waters off Vancouver’s coast, known as the Salish Sea.  This is home to 3 pods of killer whales.  You may also see a Humpback Whale or a Spotted Grey Whale, not to mention, Harbor seals, sea lions, river otters and porpoises!  Make sure you go with a camera!
  1. Cypress Mountain Highview Lookout.  Imagine seeing the complete view of Vancouver, Stanley Park, and the Lions Gate Bridge, with Mt. Baker in the background as the crowning glory.  The drive alone is worth the view!
  1. A trek through Glenbrooke Ravine. An oasis in the middle of New Westminster.  This little hike has well-manicured flower beds, and a pond whereby you can just sit and listen to the sounds of nature.  After you have had your fill of the sounds of frogs and crickets, you can walk through the forested trails that lead towards Queen’s Park.

Enjoy your British Columbia Day and whatever you decide to do with this extra day off, please play it safe; pack a mask and social distance.

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