“The Fauci Ouchie” – Are You Double Vaccinated Yet?

The Fauci Ouchie is a humorous name for the Covid-19 Vaccine, named after Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the US president, Joe Biden.  While the name may seem a little funny, the virus is not.  This virus has spread worldwide, claimed millions of lives, and left our medical teams and caregivers stressed and burnt out.  We can gain immunity to this virus, just like we did to other childhood diseases like Polio, Diphtheria, and Tuberculosis by way of vaccination.  This is the safest way to gain immunity to the coronavirus and with most brands of Covid -19 vaccines, you will need a double dose for maximum protection.

This double dose is called “prime-boosting”.  The first injection teaches your immune system to look out for the virus and start making antibodies and the second injection in essence it will prime your immune system and challenge your immune system to maximize its antibody protection.

There is strong evidence that getting your 2nd dose of the vaccine, raises your protection from Covid-19, the Delta variant and getting ill and developing a serious illness.  It is critically important to get the double dose and protect yourself, the children you look after, and your family and friends.  

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