What does it mean to be Canadian?

What does it mean to be Canadian?  When you think of Canada, do you think of equality, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and respecting all human rights?  As Canadians, we value our country and the equality and diversity that make this country great.  

We can generalize and say we are the politest country on this planet, but we are also the most open-minded, tolerant, and humous nation as well.  According to recent polling, 75% of Canadians have a sense of national pride, we value the rights and freedoms our country has given us, and we embrace the responsibility to pass this status to our children so they can understand what it means to be a Canadian.  

On Thursday, July 1 we celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian confederation which occurred on the same date in 1867 and will furthermore be called Canada’s Birthday.  

Here are some fun ways in which to celebrate Canada’s Birthday with the children at the daycare:

  1. Make a map of Canada puzzle.  The children can help to color it in, and they can play with it all year long.
  2. Use red and white chalk to draw the flag of Canada on the driveways (completely block off driveway -safety first).
  3. Make ribbon wands with red and white sheet plastic and have the children dance to the music with the wands.
  4. Red crepe paper and  white paper plates will make great Canada day wreaths.
  5. For older students, have a scavenger hunt for all things Canadian.
  6. While in circle time, have the children talk about places they have been in Canada, have them talk about their vacation spots or exploring times in Canada.

Come July 1, 2021, enjoy the fireworks, parades, barbecues, concerts, fairs and picnics with your family and friends, and unite with other Canadians from coast to coast in sharing our national pride.

Happy Birthday Canada!

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