Earth Day – What Size is your Carbon Footprint?

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and you can smell the freshness in the air, and this can only mean one thing; Earth Day is just around the corner.  

April 22 is Earth day; it is the day we focus on the environment and caring for our planet.  This is a day we pay homage to our children’s future on this planet. A day to love Mother Nature in all her glory.  A day to revel in all the wonders that this Earth has to offer.

Help your children to understand what it means to care for our environment and ultimately our planet.  Help them to learn about the benefits of recycling, ocean clean-ups and the accountabilities of our carbon footprints.  

Here are some examples of ideas you can do with the children on Earth day:

  1. Make a Play Garden, set aside a space outside for the children to dig into the soil, make mud pies and plant some seeds.
  2. Make a Bird Feeder out of Pinecones and Peanut Butter.
  3. Build a Fairy Garden with Clay Pots.
  4. Make a set of chimes out of recycled tin cans.
  5. Paint stones with pictures of Ladybugs.
  6. Make a giant painted mural, take paper and tape it to your fence and have the children paint their favorite flower.

These are only a few suggestions; you can let your imagination go wild and have fun teaching the children about Mother Earth.

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