Summer Days Sanity Savers

In the next two weeks, most children will be daydreaming about the long hot days of summer.  They are longing for the smell of pool chlorine permanently etched in their hair, the feel of the grass under their feet as they run barefoot through the parks and the sound of the water lapping on the shores of their favourite beach.  While the children are in a state of daydreaming, the parents and the daycare centres are revving up for the challenge of the summer months.

Here are some options for you to plan into your schedule of fun for the summer:

  • Do a “Bug Hunt” using dollar store bugs.  Hide them around the garden and have the children find them. 
  • Gardening – Have the children plant some seeds in a garden, mark the garden with a stake with their name on it and they must take care of their garden space.
  • Dinosaurs – make dinosaur fossils using dinosaurs from Wal-Mart dollar bins and playdoh, freeze dinosaurs for the “Ice Age” and have the kids extract them.
  • Farm Life – have the kids make various farm animals with paper plates, make a “barn” using a giant box.
  • Zoo Animals – do the same as the farm animals.
  • Beach – A trip to the beach to make sandcastles is a must for both the parents and teachers as well.
  • Luau – Have a luau lunch in the play area of the centre.
  • Pirates – pick up patches and swords from the dollar store and have a pirate’s water war.
  • Medieval – make a castle out of a huge cardboard box and have the kids paint it.
  • Star Wars Science Theme – incorporate simple science experiments, play with magnets, light exploration, geology…. examine various rocks and paint them just like moon rocks.
  • Weather – make a paper Mache volcano.
  • Community Helper segment – visit vets, doctors, dentists, delivery person, nurse, and get the children involved.
  • All About Me segment – outline their bodies onto butcher paper and have them do a portrait of themselves.

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