Palm Sunday for Children

Most children, when they think of Easter, they think about hunting for chocolate Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and baskets of candy, but to many, Easter is an essential part of their culture and belief system.  Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday before Easter and is a great time to teach children about the activities, songs, and facts of Easter.

In addition to hearing the story of Palm Sunday and learning its context, you can have the children participate in activities that focus on this historical day.  Enclosed are a few ideas of activities for the children.

  1. Make green Palm fans out of construction paper.
  2. Have a puppet show using puppets the children have made such as clothespin figures of the characters, a paper bag donkey, or have the children make finger puppets to tell the story of Easter.
  3. Have the children create a comic book of the story.
  4. Make a Palm Sunday coloring book.

All these activities will not only provide fun while learning, but they will also teach the children to honour and respect all cultures and beliefs.  The opportunities are endless with a little creativity and imagination.

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