esiKidz Childcare Software – As You Grow, So Do We!

As you grow your business, you add more programs to your schedule according to your community needs and one of those needs is Out-of-School-Care.  Offering an Out of School program can have its challenges, from check-in, drop-ins, attendance, and billing, all these factors can make Out of School Care an administration headache.  

At, we listened to your clients and develop solutions that would help them in their everyday operational duties and one of those solutions was the development of the Out-Of-School App.

By using the new Out-Of-School application you can have the following at your fingertips via a cell phone or iPad:

  • A flexible before and after school schedule
  • A dynamic Drop-in list
  • A touch of a button for Drop-in automatic billing
  • Attendance record and list
  • Children’s information cards
  • Photo sharing
  • Reports

As you grow, so do we, so continue to tell us your challenges and we will continue to find solutions for those challenges.

If you would like to see a demonstration of our childcare software that is revolutionizing the industry, please visit our website at childcare software, email us at or call us at 778 552 7133 and we would be pleased to schedule you for a video demonstration and a 30-day free trial of our software.

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